Landscaping the Landings

So many times we just miss highlighting our landings in the Spring and Summer.  Although we can surround ourselves with beautiful, flowering, potted foliage the basic structure of our toils should last a lifetime.  This is why many folks tend to collect a lot of rock and cement art for the yard.  It just makes us happy and lasts for a long time.

About 75% of American homeowners spend time or money — or both — tending to their lawns. So update your front yard or backyard design with shrubbery, gardens, walkways, and more.  Here’s how to make yours look better than ever without breaking the bank.

If your front or backyard includes a hill or hillside space, you’ll need a landscape design plan that allows for maximum beauty with minimal maintenance. A sloped backyard comes alive with water-wise plants and clever landscaping.  There are many varieties of flowers and shrubs that thrive on slopes. For a gentle slope within a lawn, try terracing sections of the yard to create flower beds.

Buying a property often comes along with certain amount of compromise. For some, this means making peace with a cozy yard rather than sprawling grounds. Choosing flower beds with edging will define the space.  We all dream of the perfect front or back yard with a cozy wooden deck to spend summer nights and a beautiful fire pit where you can get warm on cold nights. Some of our best landscaping ideas include adding height with planters and baskets, and creating spaces where outdoor party guests can sit, relax, and enjoy drinks and company. These backyard landscaping ideas on a budget can help you save money.  Get inspired!

Designing the front yard is also very important. It gives to the house great look. You can decorate your front yard with flowers, grass, rocks and a lot of other creative stuff. If you are looking for inspiration in garden designs, you have come to the right place. Gardeners are always tinkering, always improving, always dreaming.

Your home may be your castle, but rather than surround it with a moat, use any of these wonderful yard landscaping ideas to add warmth, color, and texture to the place you love to live. From growing blooming shrubs, to planting annuals and perennials, to deer-proofing your garden, there are many beautiful and wonderful ways to make your home inviting and appealing.

Each of these yard landscaping ideas is both attractive and functional, so let them stir your imagination. Then, use our best landscaping ideas to help you create the stunning outdoor living spaces you know you will cherish for many years to come.

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