Texture: Cast Stone vs. Limestone

Want to know the differences in texture between Limestone and Cast Stone? For this demonstration, we picked a random piece of Limestone from our stock yard and a sample block of one of our standard cast stone colors. This is not to compare colors but to illustrate the effects of viewing distance on the perceived texture of the stone.  Limestone carries a much higher cost than Cast Stone.

At about ten to twenty feet away, which is around your average viewing distance, it is very difficult to tell the difference between Cast Stone and Limestone. With exception to the color variation.  Cast Stone can be manufactured in many different colors.

At One Foot, Two Feet, Three Feet, and Four Feet

In short; it all comes down to perspective.

 Limestone on the left and Cast Stone on the right at 5″.

(If you hadn’t seen the first pictures, could you tell which is which?)

As you can see up close, there are obvious differences between the two. However, the farther away you get, the less obvious the differences become.

The proof is in the pictures – the obvious differences in texture begin to fade away after just a few feet as shown above. This makes Cast Stone the obvious choice for Limestone substitution.

*No boots we harmed in the making of this blog post.

  •  * ~ *

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