What is Cast Stone?

For the Apprentice’

Cast Stone is being used more than you would believe.  It is literally everywhere: homes, banks, shopping malls, schools, and county buildings, just to name a few.  The beauty of Cast Stone lies within the basic recipe (shh … it’s a secret). Most Cast Stone is sand, cement (it’s different from concrete), and a little bit of water. When mixed together correctly it produces a similar look to Limestone.


Cst Stone Door SurroundBecause it is a man-made product, it is more durable, cost effective, can accept other polymers for added strength, and can be produced in various colors.  Our standard colors are White, Buff, and Gray, in a few varying hues of each. These are the most popular color choices for exterior applications (however, custom colors are available).  If you are uncomfortable with the natural patina that will occur on the exterior stone, a sealer can be applied, and with regular cleaning it will retain that new look for several years.  The stone can also be painted or stained. 

Houzz has a nice selection of Cast Stone ideas for the exterior of your home as well as your landscaping.  Interior applications are a bit more evasive.  Should you decide to design with Cast Stone on the interior, like a fireplace, we would highly suggest that a sealer be used so that dust particles can be brushed away easily.  Weight should also be a structural consideration, as true Cast Stone is -shall we say- heavy.

Installation should be completed by an experienced stone mason (preferably with Cast Stone experience) and not just a brick mason – it’s a whole different animal. Estimated installation costs could run about 65-100% of the Cast Stone costs, depending on the complexity of the job and /or the size and weight of the stones themselves.

When building, your Cast Stone would be shipped directly from our yard to your new home or business.

We hope this helps answer some of the starting questions for your Cast Stone.  If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at www.Corbelstone.com or call us at 770-967-0076.



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